Client Contract Overview

The Charleston Civic Center staff will gladly work with you to find a perfect solution within our facilities to help plan your event. Please contact one of our Event Coordinators for availability or set up an appointment to tour our facilities.

Once you have confirmed your space requirements a rental agreement will be sent up to 6 months prior to your event. In order to contract the selected dates the client will complete and return the agreement with the rental deposit within 10-days of receipt of the rental agreement. A completed copy of the agreement signed by the General Manager will then be forward to you for your files.

This is an all-inclusive agreement and there may be items that do not pertain to your activity. However, in considering every conceivable event, we have given proper and necessary protection to you, the public and the facility. All Civic Center / Municipal Auditorium rental rates are based on day or evening use. All Civic Center / Municipal Auditorium events must conclude by 1:00 AM (teenage events and concerts by midnight). Once you have received the rental agreement we would like to call your attention to Paragraphs number 5 & 6 regarding food services and the sales of merchandise.

We understand that changes will sometimes become necessary when planning an event so if you do desire to change or drop rooms you need to contact the Event Coordinator as soon as you become aware and a revised rental agreement will be sent to you,.

Some additional charges may be invoiced after an event. Your Event Coordinator will make you aware of these charges as you work together on the details of your event. If your organization is tax exempt it is important that we receive a tax exemption certificate prior to your event for our files.

If it becomes necessary for an event to cancel and a deposit has been made then a formal written request must be made to the Civic Center / Municipal Auditorium Board of Charleston at least 60 days prior to the event date.